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I just don’t understand how someone who spent years of your life with you through sadness and laughs and stupid decisions, can just walk away for the dumbest reasons without even looking back.

Sep 15, 2014

In high school lets all admit it, there are “popular” and “non popular” people. There are those guys who play every sport and are in varsity. And there are the girls that every guy wants. But does it all really matter? I mean really, take movies for example. Who does the guy eventually go for? Sure the hot popular girl right? The one who sleeps around with every guy and is the loudest most obnoxious girls in class that thinks everything is hilarious? Doesn’t really sound that great after a while, and in every single movie that I have seen, every love story. The guys ALWAYS end up with the girl years later after high school, but no it is not the girl who was the cheerleader and slept around. No it almost always ends up being the girl who was quieter in class and liked to write or paint or read or listen to music or run or play volleyball. The one that is waiting for the perfect guy and not hooking up with every guy that comes her way. She’s the girl that sat behind being herself and not going with what everyone else expected. She’s the girl that didn’t let everyone else define her, she was who she was. Maybe she cared about being that popular girl but she never showed it. But in the end she ended up with the perfect guy and she didn’t need to get drunk every weekend or hookup with a new guy all the time. The point is, don’t spend your time worrying about who’s the “most popular” or who has more friends or the star couple. Because 5 years after high school we all end up in the same place. Stuck in life playing it day by day and in the end that girl who was a cheerleader and was “most popular” she didn’t end up going to the best college because all she did was spend her time worrying about her image. That she was on top. The girl who sat behind and was who she was really won because now she has a good degree from a good college. And she has the perfect guy, it’s all going good for her and it doesn’t matter if she was the top blonde or the girl who was dating the quarterback. None of it matters in the long run. Be who you are and don’t stress about it, don’t care about what everyone else thinks. Why should you let it get to you? People will eventually be put in their places.

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the craziest thing is that the person that you are meant to be with maybe 10 years from now is on the same planet as you right now. maybe even the same continent or the same state. maybe you have never even met this person, but someday you will fall so deeply in love that you will forget what it’s like without them. what’s even crazier is that you could have already met this person and you might now even know it. they are out there living, breathing, sleeping. thinking the same thing, looking for their soul mate and going through life day by day. its so weird to think about


We will NEVER Forget. 9/11
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We will NEVER Forget. 9/11


Remembering September 11, 2001
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Remembering September 11, 2001

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don’t listen to anyone when they say “best friends forever” because their definition of forever can turn out to be a lot shorter that’s yours

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Sep 2, 2014

it’s like I was happy and excited but then it was gone again and I realized that those happy memories and good times are done, they are in the past. I had my time for fun and now it’s time to grow up.

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ignoring someone because you are mad is dumb. first of all they have no idea what they did wrong if you don’t tell them, and second of all not talking about it does absolutely N O T H I N G
grow up and talk about your problem with someone. don’t get mad over text message if you don’t have the guts to say the exact same thing to their face because 95% of people won’t. fight your battles in person like a real human being not over text message like a robot.

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If you had the option of falling asleep and never waking up, never existing. Without hurting the people around you, you didn’t die, you were just never there.
Would you take it?